The Bear and the Rose

I’ve been working on a new book called The Bear and the Rose. It’s a post-apocalyptic science-fiction novel for young adults. I’m expecting to complete it and publish it within the next couple of months, possibly in June, 2022.

It’s the tale of a fourteen-year-old teenage girl, Savannah Rose, who goes by ‘Rose’ or ‘Rosie.’ She runs away from her oppressive, pseudo-religious parents in an attempt to join a new group called the Johnsonites. While being pursued by The Loward’s Fury, her parents’ church’s enforcement arm, she is wounded. A cranky old man, Bear, takes her in and patches her up. In the process, Bear discovers that Rosie is pregnant.

Together, Bear and Rosie must defeat The Loward’s Own and find a new home among the Johnsonites. Can they make it to safety among the Johnsonites, or will Rosie be lost forever?

When the book is published, it will be available through Amazon or from my publisher’s website,

I’ll post cover art when it’s available.

The Savannah Rose

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